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Full-Day East Coast Fujairah City Tours from Dubai

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Fujairah, the lone Emirate, is located on the eastern edge of the United Arab Emirates, and it is isolated from the other emirates by the rugged Hajjar Mountains. To the north of Fujairah are some of the UAE’s finest beaches. This is perhaps the most popular beach in the UAE.

Al Bidayah Mosque, the oldest known mosque in the nation, the oldest fort in the UAE, Fujairah Fort, and the sheiks Zayed Mosque, which is similar to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and is equipped with 65 domes and 6 minarets, are all included in a well-designed tour itinerary of the area. constructed in 1670

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Fujairah Friday Market. Come along on a trip across the Emirates and you’ll see sights like no other: stunning landscapes, ancient ruins, and more.

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